Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Samuel Adams-Weihenstephan Infinium

Luckily, I was able to reserve a case of the Samuel Adams-Weihenstephan collaboration Infinium from brass Rail in Campbelltown. A lot of hype has surrounded this beer, so naturally high expectations followed. The cork pops off of the bottle with a loud pop similar to champagne; a good start. Pouring into the glass, the beer pours a golden color with a very foamy white head. The aroma consists of apple, grape, pear, lemon, and wheat. The taste is light and bubbly on the tongue with a sweet fruity flavor that has bits of apple, pear, lemon zest, and grape. The finish of the beer has a crisp, bubbly bite, again similar to champagne, with a white wine (read grape-like) finish. The alcohol content is 10.3% ABV. Did the Infinium live up to the hype. In simple terms, yes it did. The press surrounding the beer advertised it as a champagne-like beer with a good helping of fruits. Overall, the Infinium was a crisp and clean beer that was enjoyable to drink, and I cannot wait to share it with others on New Year's Eve.

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