Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GBGH Pain in the BIPA

I was given a bottle of GBGH (Go Big or Go Home) Brewing Pain in the BIPA in a beer trade with Lee from Hoptopia. The beer pours a dark amber color with a lofty and foamy tan head that seems to keep growing as the beer settles. The aroma consists of sweet chocolate malts balanced nicely with fresh pine hops that also have hints of grapefruit. The taste has a good chocolate and coffee base that finishes dry with a good helping of pine hops. The grapefruit comes through in the finish as well, which sweetens up the bitter hops. The after taste is bittering with coffee and pine. Lingering long after drinking is a bit of a mint flavor which was quite surprising and enjoyable. This beer has a great amount of carbonation that allows the flavors to fully envelop the tongue. The alcohol content isn't available, but I would guess it to be around 7.0% ABV. I was very impressed with the first home brew from GBGH and look forward to future releases. The chocolate and pine flavors really came out in this beer in their own right and made it an enjoyable brew.

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