Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bavarian Barbarian-Bullfrog Gothika

My coworker Jack stopped into TJ's in Paoli when he was in the area to pick up a growler of the Bullfrog/Bavarian Barbarian collaboration Gothika. To set the mood, watch the YouTube video about this beer:

The beer pours a dark red-brown color with a bubbly tan head. The aroma consists of sweet malts with raisin, chocolate, smoke, cherry, and oak. The taste is smooth at first before a flavor explosion of alcohol, cherry, dry dark Belgian chocolate, and raisin. Then the smoke sets in and slightly dries out the finish. 9.2% ABV. Devious, check. Evil, check. This beer is just as good as advertised and comes alive (back from the dead?) in the mouth. Lots of flavors for the tongue to process, going from a sweet cherry and chocolate to a dry smokey finish. The best part? The cherry comes back on the finish. Despite it's evil label, this beer is like a Belgian chocolate delicacy.

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