Saturday, October 9, 2010

Founders Breakfast Stout

I've been to Canada, I've been to Kentucky, and now it was time that I traveled to...nowhere? I ordered a glass of Founders Breakfast Stout from Al's of Hampden. I have previously had the Canadian Breakfast Stout and the Kentucky Breakfast stout, each with their differences from the other. This beer pours black color with a thin bubbly tan head. The aroma consists of mocha, chocolate, coffee, and toasted malts. The taste is big and chocolaty with dry mocha and dark chocolate, and toasted malts. The finish is a little bitey on the tongue with a dry bitter chocolate after taste. The alcohol content is 8.3%. I thought that the Breakfast Stout was really good, although not quite as smooth as the Kentucky Breakfast Stout, but still top notch.

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