Friday, October 29, 2010

The Brew Works Rude Elf's Reserve (2009)

I picked up a bottle of The Brew Works Rude Elf's Reserve from Al's of Hampden. Based on the release date in the middle of October 2010, it was clearly a 2009 batch since The Brew Works does not release the new batch until November1. The beer pours a cranberry-amber color with a foamy and solid beige colored head. The aroma consists of lots of cherries with Belgian spices, yeast, and faint hints of banana. The taste is big and powerful with lots of alcohol on the forefront before the sweetness of cherry and candisugar kicks in. The Belgian spices and yeast hit on the finish, leaving a bready and banana taste in the mouth. The beer carbonation bubbles and the spices kick back in on the after taste and tingle the tongue playfully and is very warming on the back of the throat. The alcohol content is 10.5% ABV. This beer, being packed in a small 12-ounce bottle, packs a big punch on the tongue. The alcohol really kicks in without being overwhelming, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Belgian aspect of this beer.

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  1. The Release Date of November first is our in-house release. We produce and ship Rude Elf's Reserve much earlier than that to distributors. In fact, several of our guests always comment on how they got a "sneak peek" by picking a bottle up earlier from somewhere else!