Saturday, August 7, 2010

Struise Mikkeller (Elliot Brew)

I went to Cafe Bruges in Carlisle with family for dinner and I ordered a bottle of Stuise-Mikkeller (Elliot Brew). The beer pours a copper color with a lofty and foamy white head. The aroma is malty with orange and caramel. The taste is bitey and bubbly with a good caramel base and plenty of orange and yeast accents. The taste rounds out with a good helping of candisugar and good spice accents with light hop bite. The alcohol content is 9.0% ABV. I thought that this beer was an excellent drinking brew and had a great mouth feel. I would describe this beer as having a lot of pep in its step, as it will attack the sides of your mouth with spice and hops, but in a very good way.

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