Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Brew Works Hop'solutely

I picked up a bottle of The Brew Works Hop'solutely at Al's of Hampton after talking with the distributor at Westy's. I wasn't sure I wanted to drop $70 on a case of Hop'solutely, but he informed me where I could pick up a bottle to try before I purchased a case. The beer pours a brilliant golden color with a slowly rising white bubbly head. The aroma consists of with a fresh hop scent and plenty of citrus, including lemon, grapefruit, and orange. The taste is smooth a sweet, like a sugar coated grapefruit. The beer then has a nice peppery and pine hop bite of the outsides of the mouth. It finishes with a smooth caramel finish that goes down really easy. There is even a hint of oak underneath all of the flavors. As the beer warmed, a honey sweetness emerged. The alcohol content is 11.5% ABV. This beer was stunningly delicious. It is not overly hoppy, with just the right amount of hops, that are smoothed out by sweet citrus and caramel. I will definitely go pick up another bottle of this beer, or possibly even a case.

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