Saturday, April 10, 2010

Southampton Biere de Garde

I picked up a bottle of Southampton Biere de Garde while in South Carolina. I had read about biere de garde beers, which is a farmhouse ale, but I had not had one to date. The beer pours a copper color with an extremely foamy white head that encompasses more than half the glass. The aroma is full of raisins and fig. The taste is sweet and malty with a lot of raisin and fig and a light clean finish. There is a slight alcohol bite at the very end of the finish. I thought that the taste diminishes and might be a little watery on the finish, but not too bad.. The alcohol content is 7.2% ABV. For my first experience with a biere de garde, I really enjoyed it and will continue to try this style of beer. It was very light and refreshing, but very flavorful.

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