Friday, October 16, 2009

Manayunk Brewing Company

My buddy lives in Manayunk, so to start the evening off right we went to the Manayunk Brewing Company.

The first beer I had was the Schuylkill Punch, which is a raspberry lager. The beer came with no head and is a reddish-purple color. It has a sweet fruity aroma. The taste is light and malty with a nice raspberry accent. I thought that raspberry was not overdone and delicately balanced the malts. It has a slight hop finish. The alcohol content is 7% ABV. This was not a bad start to the warm evening, as it is a refreshing drink.

The second beer I ordered was the Wheat Wallop, which is an imperial wheat. The description completely intrigued me, as it is a hefeweizen “ramped up to wine strength.” The beer is an unfiltered gold color and it smelled like grapes and oranges. The taste was very sweet and fruity, definitely hitting on the grape accent. It had a dry finish due to the alcohol. The alcohol content is 10.6% ABV. I was very impressed with this offering, as there were more fruity flavors in this than a typical hefeweizen. I also very much appreciated the extra alcohol kick.

The final beer I tried at Manayunk was the Manayunk Lager, a marzen style lager. The beer has an amber color with a very light head. There is no aroma. The taste is sweet and malty and has a light finish. There are some slight sour tones on the back of the mouth. The alcohol content is 6.2% ABV. I thought that the Manayunk Lager was a good beer with a balance of sweetness and dryness.

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