Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Straub Brewery & The Eternal Tap

On the way to Buffalo, I decided to stop in at Straub Brewery in St. Mary's, PA. Straub is home to the eternal tap, where visitors can sample free (up to two) glasses of the beer. The have three beers on tap, so I decided to try the Special Dark and the Premium.

The Special Dark is a dark brown color with lots of head. I think my beers had a little extra head due to the tap. The beer smells malty. The taste is malty and sweet with a slight sour undertone and the beer has a nice cream finish. The alcohol content is 4.1% ABV. I liked the freshness of the beer and the fact that there are no preservatives in the beer, so the flavor is pure and not altered.

The Straub Premium has a pale yellow color to it with a decent thick head. The aroma is sweet and the beer has a sweet taste. There is a light hop accent with a good clean after taste. The alcohol content is 4.1% ABV. I thought the Premium was pretty good and would make a good beer to drink at tailgates. It is not too heavy, but has quality ingredients so you don't have to down Budweiser.

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