Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Appalachian Brewing Company- July 2009

Drawn by the rumor of the Blackberry Wheat, I dropped into Appalachian Brewing Company tonight to check out some new beers.

The first beer I ordered was the Blackberry Wheat. The beer came out a deep red color, almost purple. There was a light aroma to the beer with a slight fruit accent. The beer tastes sweet at first, but finishes a little tart. The blackberries are prevalent in the beer. The Blackberry Wheat finishes a bit dry, but is still very tasty. The alcohol content, according to the bartender, is 5.25%-ish, as he was not sure if it was brewed with the blackberries or infused, so he assumed infused. Overall, the beer was decent and I think it would get better with age. It is still a beer worth checking out.

The second beer I ordered was the Dom Blonde. I have always been a fan of the Dom Blonde, even though it may be light and pale in color it packs a lot of flavor. The beer I received came with no head and the Dom Blonde does not have much of an aroma. However, the taste is sweet and smooth, with a light hop after taste. The alcohol content is 5.0% ABV. I like this beer as it is very drinkable, but also packed with flavor.

The final [new] beer I had this evening [it was my fourth actually] was the Anniversary Maibock. I have been craving the Maibock for a while and tonight I finally was able to drink it. The beer comes with a beautiful amber color and a light head. The beer has a sweet aroma with a hint of alcohol. The taste is smooth, malty, and hints at a caramel undertone. The alcohol content is 7.64& ABV. I thoroughly enjoyed the Maibock, especially as a night cap. The alcohol content is enough to give you a little boost, but the taste dances on your tongue. I recommend getting a glass of the Maibock before it is gone until next year.

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