Saturday, June 27, 2009

Outer Banks Brewing Station

On our last day in the Outer Banks this year, we popped into the Outer Banks Brewing Station for dinner and a few brews. I had been here previously and I remembered the beer was decent.

The first beer I ordered was the Lemon Grass Wheat. The beer comes in a 22-ounce bottle rather than on draft. I had read about it on the brewery's website and was very intrigued. It pours an opaque yellow-amber color. The aroma is very sweet and inviting with a citrus undertone. It tastes of lemon and is very clean, with a smooth after taste. The alcohol content is 5.2% ABV. I thought this beer was very refreshing and enjoyable to drink and I ordered a second bottle to finish off the meal.

I sampled my boy Adam's glass of Iron Binnacle Baltic Porter. It came in an 8-ounce glass because it's alcohol content is 9.3%. The porter is very dark and smells sweet. The alcohol is noticable in the aroma is well. The taste is very intense, both sweet and strong. The alcohol really gives the porter a bite making the Baltic Porter a very enjoyable beer.

The second beer that I ordered was the Hurley Burley Brown Ale. It had a nice dark amber color to it and a sweet aroma. The taste consisted of toasted malts with a healty addition of hops. I thought that for a Brown Ale it was extra hoppy, but not unenjoyable. The alcohol content is 7.1% ABV. I thought the Brown Ale was a very strong and powerful beer.

Lastly, I sampled Adam's Hugh Hefeweizen. It had a citrus aroma. It tasted sweet and citrus-like. Overall, It was very crisp, clean, and refreshing. The alcohol content is 5.6% ABV. I thought it was similar to most hefeweizens and did not really stand out. But that is not to say this it wasn't a good beer, because it definitely was. If they bottled this beer, it would be excellent for the beach.

As far as the food, it was excellent. I ordered the barbeque sandwich, and it was phenomenal. I highly recommend checking out the Outer Banks Brewing Station if you are in the Outer Banks. I should also note that I sampled the Liquorice Stout (no picture) and thought it was decent but decided against a whole glass due to it not pairing with my food and due to the hot weather. I think the stout would be better in the winter months.

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