Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pete's Brewing Company Sampler Pack

Today I hit up the beer distributor and picked up the three-beer variety pack from Pete's Brewing Company. The three beers in the pack are Wicked Strawberry Blonde, Wicked Ale, and Wicked Rally Cap Ale.

I started with the Wicked Strawberry Blonde. This beer had a nice little hop bite with a great strawberry aroma. The strawberry flavor is not overpowering, but all-in-all it is a pretty good asset. I feel that this beer may be lacking one thing, but I cannot place it. However, do not let it hold you back from trying this beer. It is a quality, tasty beer and the alcohol content is 5.0%.

Secondly, I tried the Wicked Rally Cap Ale.  This beer is billed as a golden ale with natural lemon flavor. I feel the this beer has an excellent lemon accent. It does not taste like a lemon beer, but has the perfect undertone of lemon. The hops offer a perfect hop compliment and the beer finishes very smooth. The alcohol content is 5.3% and I thoroughly enjoyed this beer.

Finally I tried the Wicked Ale. When I poured the beer, I immediately noticed the beautiful brown color. The beer has a creamy aroma with a smooth creamy taste. Overall, the beer has an excellent flavor with an alcohol content of 5.5%. This is one quality beer.

Out of the variety pack, my favorite beer was the Wicked Rally Cap Ale. However, this is a quality sampler pack and I highly recommend it.

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  1. This review actually helped me select what sampler pack to purchase at Beer Zoo yesterday. So far so good