Friday, May 1, 2009

Madina Lake- Attics to Eden

Check out this band Madina Lake. They are set to release their second album called Attics to Eden. I hadn't really heard of them before "Never Take Us Alive" hit the airwaves (linked above), but they really are catching on me. I really like their sound, energy, and lyrics. For example, I'm really digging the song "Not for This World." The lyrics are as follows:

I saw a man walk from the trees
He came and sat next to me
He said, "Boy, if you don't follow your dreams,
You'll be dead someday. Just like me."
Then he got up and walked away
And I started to think.
He turned around, I saw his face
And I looked deep in his eyes,
And I realized that man was me.

Those lyrics are awesome and really are words to live by. Give them a listen.

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