Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lancaster Brewing Company

My boy Chris wanted to go to Lancaster Brewing Company for his birthday to have a few quality beers for his birthday. Loving quality beer, I could not complain. Here are five of the beers I took pictures of that I tried. Some of the beers I have had before, but felt the need to post them.

Strawberry Wheat

The Strawberry Wheat is one of my favorite LBC beers, and one cannot go wrong ordering this. There is a great flavor of strawberry in this beer, and it is not too overpowering. The beer runs at 4.7% ABV. All in all, the beer is very refreshing and does a nice job of quenching your thirst.

Rare Rooster Rye Ale

This was my first time trying the Rare Rooster Rye Ale, but I was fairly impressed. The beer is very dry and leaves a peppery aftertaste, but the beer does have a nice flavor. The beer is very light in color and runs at 4.8% ABV. This isn't a beer to drink in quantity, but having one or two is the perfect dose of the rooster.

Milk Stout

As far as stouts go, the Milk Stout is fairly run of the mill. It runs at 5.3% ABV and has an excellent dark color. The taste is pretty fresh and has slight hints of chocolate and coffee. It is a decent beer, but not my favorite stout of all time.

Gold Star Pilsner

I was most impressed with the Gold Star Pilsner. I had not previously tasted the Pilsner, but the flavor was excellent. The malts overpower the hops to bring a nice smooth taste. The beer runs at 5.1% ABV and I highly recommend trying the Pilsner. I will definitely order it everytime I go back.

Fest Beer Amber Lager

The Fest Beer Amber Lager had an excellent taste and had a good balance of hops added to the beer. The lager has a nice amber color and runs at 5.6% ABV. The Fest Beer Amber Lager is a little creamy, especially in the head, but very smooth. The lager is not my favorite beer, but definitely enjoyable.

I highly recommend going to Lancaster Brewing Company. Most of the beers will not "wow" you, but they are high quality decent beers. I now recommend the Gold Star Pilsner in addition to the Strawberry Wheat.

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