Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beckham Move Hurts MLS

The agreement between AC Milan, the Los Angeles gaLAxy, and David Beckham allows Beckham to stay at Milan until the end of the season and return during the summer window in mid-July to the gaLAxy. The agreement includes buyout money from Mr. Posh himself, which speaks loudly as to how much he wanted out of LA. But this was not the most unnerving aspect of the deal. The gaLAxy scored a summer friendly with AC Milan on July 19 as part of the deal. The previously scheduled SATURDAY match with the Red Bulls was moved to THURSDAY. Therefore, the league moved a date for Becks in New York. While ESPN will be clamoring to adjust the schedule and pick up this Thursday night game, the fans who wanted to attend this game lose out by putting it on a week the biggest market in the league. The league will forgo a sold out Giants Stadium for a cacophonous shell of a stadium. The league and the fans lose on this deal.

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