Monday, February 23, 2009

Thoughts on Calhoun

For anyone who has not seen the highlights of Jim Calhoun's post-game press conference, please watch the video above. I think the video is hilarious, but it does beg the question, should coaches take a pay cut. I say 100%, NO. Here is why:
  • As Calhoun points out, the basketball program brings in $12 million to the school annually. For the most part, college althletics are funded by the two main revenue sports: football and basketball. That means that the money that Calhoun is responsible for bringing into the school funds scholarships for the rest of the student athletes in the "non-revenue" sports. The opportunity for someone to receive a college education is priceless, and the better UConn does, more money is available to fund scholarships.
  • What would happen if Calhoun left and the program fell apart? That money could evaporate quickly, and the state would be left to foot the bill to support the university. More money out of tax payers' pockets.
  • If the public universities limited their spending on coaches, it could put private schools at an advantage, as they would not have spending limits. They could attain the money from donors to get the coaches they want and pay them the money they deserve. If a public university wants to remain competetive, they should not put a limit on the salaries of coaches.
So, do you agree?

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